Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the Hunger Games: Party Edition

Please tell me you've read the Hunger Games Triliogy? 
if you have - then you have to be a huge fan like I am (I read all three books in a week - my house was very neglected). 

living locurto has done up some free printables for a hunger games viewing party...
The Hunger Games Free Party Printables - Movie Watching Party Invitation
Check out the rest {here

Here's a couple more links I found with some ideas on having a hunger games party. 

3. catch my party (printable)

Please share any links you have related to hunger game printables and party ideas! 

p.s. did I mention my birthdays coming up in march? I'm a big bookworm - I might have to change my birthday from a pink theme, to a book theme :) It's the big 2-6! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Currently reading...

I finally got my kobo back after the terrible repair department experience. They lost it, thankfully I had a tracking number, and then I couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone. Anyways - I'm pretty happy to have it back and I've been reading up a storm. I'm currently reading the boy in the striped pajamas - great movie. What books have read lately that you loved? I've started a list of books to read but so far I've enjoyed the hunger games and the winter garden, we bought a zoo and war horse.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cute stationary

I love stationary supplies - I love them even more when they go on sale for .44 cents a pack! I plan on using the little note book to keep track of my book lists - books to read, books to look up, books to add to my wish list!

What books on your list? Have you found any cute stationary supplies lately?