Tuesday, July 19, 2011

book talk

Have you checked out the scholastic page(s) lately?
littleman is participating in the summer "Read To Me" program at our local library which encourages reading every day with him for at least 15 minutes - more on this in a later post!

Scholastic has a blog called { Book Talk }
I'm jumping on the bandwagon late, they are on book three but we're going to follow along anyways.

So tomorrow while we're at the library, we're going to pick up the current book they are reading:

I'm not sure if we have LMNO peas at our local library, but we may pick up frog and toad are friends to read together as well.

are you doing anything for summer reading projects? leave a comment or link to your reading activities! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Color Samples

I've started a series of Color Sample's
These are colors from a particular photo that I've taken, with colors that I think flow well together.

You can download the photos if you like, and use them in photoshop to sample the colors.
that way you can use the photos in scrapbooking layouts, blog layouts, party ideas, etc. 
just please give credit and link back to the Q farm if you re-post the photo!

Let me know if you use these color's in a project - I'd love to see links and photos!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nephews Quilt

We have a Super Little Man in the family now - my nephew! Born on July 1st, 2011 - canada day!

Here's a quilt I'm whipping together to bring out for our visit in august when I get to meet him :) It's just the top so far, its going to be reversable, with back being tie-dyed flannel and having appliqued words: 
eat. sleep. play. repeat. 

I'm also going to make him some taggie animals!

with only four shifts left of work, I've been thinking about blogging more
I've been thinking of easier ways for me to get photos, what I can post about, etc. especially since money will be super tight until I can find a job!

Leaf Prints

It was a bit of rainy day here, so to keep little man busy I pulled out the paints!
We went on a quick walk and chose three leafs to print with.

LittleMan painted them then I helped him stamp them on the paper - quick and easy :)