Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Read: "Afterwards"

*the following post is all my own idea, all my own opinions and I have had no contact or anything of sorts with the publisher and/or author, they have no idea I exist. 

I just finished reading "Afterwards" by Rosamund Lupton. Here's the summary from the publisher: 

From The Publisher

From the author of the acclaimed New York Times bestseller Sister comes a compelling, thrilling story of a mother who will do anything to protect her child.
   The school is on fire. Her children are inside.
   Grace runs toward the burning building, desperate to reach them.
   In the aftermath of the devastating fire which tears her family apart, Grace embarks on a mission to find the person responsible and protect her children from further harm.  This fire was not an accident, and her daughter Jenny may still be in grave danger. Grace is the only one who can discover the culprit, and she will do whatever it takes to save her family and find out who committed the crime that rocked their lives.  While unearthing truths about her life that may help her find answers, Grace learns more about everyone around her -- and finds she has courage she never knew she possessed.
   Powerful and beautiful, with a riveting story and Lupton's trademark elegant style that made Sistersuch a sweeping success, Afterwards explores the depths of a mother's unswerving love.

I had received an email from Oprah's Book Club with a list of suggestions - this was one of them!  I was drawn into the book instantly, but then was a bit discouraged when the point of view changed. in the "afterwards" part of the book, the main character is describing everything to the other characters on how she saw things. It was a bit confusing at times as I couldn't figure out who she was talking to, or if they were in past or present tense - but the general story line was amazing, and I shed just a *few* tears throughout this book ;) 

You can purchase the book [here], let me know what you think you read it, or if you've already read it! I'm trying to tackle some non e-books next, a book I received from a friend for my birthday and I borrowed (now wait - don't laugh at me!!) the first four books of Pretty Little Liars from a friend as well. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Completed Projects

I've been sewing alot more lately...I had started BigMans quilt a LONG time ago...I redesigned it recently and just finished the top yesterday. 

I used [in colour order]'s giant block tutorial again - it was wonderfully easy and it's huge! It goes from BigMans nose down to his toes (apparently the rest of us aren't allowed to use it!). I'll post a picture of the backing once I get it ripped apart and stitched back together. 

I also sewed LittleMan a super hero cape. 
maybe it's a secret agent cape - he's "secret agent kitty" 

I made it out of single fitted sheet for a bed that we no longer have. I pulled out the elastic and used the old seam as the bottom hem. I sewed a paw print made out of 4 circles for his logo (yes, it's crooked. whoops).
But LittleMan loves it - he wore it to the post office yesterday and received some encouragement from some drivers and some thumbs-up! 

We're working on getting the backyard set up, and have some furniture to refinish so keep an eye out for those pictures. 

Also - notice the sunshine and greenery in the backyard? That means it's time for summer! I have a salad dressing recipe I'll  be posting in the next few days :) 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Report: Home Front

I just finished reading "Home Front" by Kristin Hannah...

I'm just a bookworm, not a professional, real-deal book reviewer type person so bare with me on this! 
I just loved this book! Just as with her "Winter Garden" and "Night Road" - I read every single word of this book. I tend to have issues with books that babble on about something useless and I'll skip over parts here and there. Not with this book. I read it in about a week, and shed more than one tear over the story. It shines a light onto PTSD and goes along with my beliefs as well - that we need to more to help our soldiers who are battling PTSD after returning home from defending our country. 

I haven't decided what book I'm going to start next - any suggestions? Have you read Home front? Let me know what you think!

*this was a book review all my own, kristin hannah nor anyone else/any company associated with his book are aware that I did this review and I was not paid for this, it's all 100% just my personal opinion. for realz yo'. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grandmas Quilt

I made my mother in law a quilt for mothers day and popped it into the mail today. 
I used in color order's tutorial for making one quilt block design into a large one block quilt top. 

(don't mind the black line down the back - that's the cats leash!) 

the top I used with march's shipment of bargain busters fabric from sew sisters quilt shop, and the backing I got in a large bag of fabric I bought from a lady for $10 - so the backing really cost me about 50 cents - incredible deal! 

I just love this quilt and hope she loves it as well. I'm finishing up my husbands quilt this week using the same tutorial but using the star design - keep an eye out for that post :)

Did you sew anything for mothers day? 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Finished: Camping Blanket

I recently finished sewing a camping blanket - inspired by the Purl Bee [here]

the beauty of it is that it's so simple! and I don't need to worry if it gets dirty or well worn while camping!
The two pieces of fabric I found in the clearance bin at fabricville for $1 EACH! they cover almost the whole top of my queen size bed so it's nice and large. I did a simple zig zag stitch randomly throughout the blanket to hold everything in place. 

it's super easy, and super cozy!

also, check out clickin moms [glimpse] project - I'm going to try and tackle following along with this, but keep my pictures private. Just wanted to pass along with photo a day challenge! I'm in love with instagram - so this should be a breeze! I'd love to print them at the end of each week and put them out in one of those ceramic baskets seen [here], but alas - I live in small town canada and I refuse to pay the outrageous shipping charges from the states to here, so I'm on a mission to find something equally cute but local to store them in! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Preschool Ideas

LittleMan was recently enrolled in a preschool where he was able to go only when I had day shifts, and was able to stay home with me when I didn't work. It was working out great - until the preschool closed. 
I had been doing some preschool activities from a great website that provided some great monthly preschool lesson plans for free. It was working out great - until the site stopped providing them for free.

So I'm going to work up until the end of march to give you some ideas to use for the month of april - and then during the month of april I'll focus on uploading ideas for you to use during may so that you have time to get everything together and be prepared. 

Now I am in no way trained in ECE - I'm doing this strictly for the purpose of getting some educational time with my son. If you have any questions on if this is right for your child - I'm not the one to ask, I'm in no way a professional and I in no way know what your local school board (or my school board for that matter) requires of children who are entering or kindergarten. 

So here's what I have compiled for April so far: 
(but keep an eye out over the next week for more ideas!)

National Ocean Week:  April 1, 2012 - April 7, 2012

1. { crayola }
colouring pages, crafts and lesson plan ideas

{ click to see more about this book }

{ click to see more about this book }

National Frog Month (april):

{ click to see more about this book }

I'll expand more on frog month ideas in another post! 

{ click to see more about this book }

I'll expand more on easter in tomorrow's post! 

And Please! if you have any links to other pre-k ideas for april - share them!! I'd love to use them! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tree Hugger

Have you checked out the planet green website or tree hugger? I used to check them all the time as they had a writer that I really enjoyed (Kelly Rossiter). They have great healthy food recipes, tips for around the house, and as their titles suggest - ways to be more planet friendly! 

I read an article today that had 20 uses for leftover fruit and vegetable rinds. Now I would like to get a compost going - but being military we never know when we're going to move and I think trying to move a big pile of dirt and compost off military property might be a bit of a task. (sometimes getting rid of the garden is as well, but that's not something I can give up!) 

So from making your coffee pot sparkle to helping you exfoliate your skin - check out this list for great ideas and let me know what you think and share if you have any other tips that aren't on this list!