Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Report: Home Front

I just finished reading "Home Front" by Kristin Hannah...

I'm just a bookworm, not a professional, real-deal book reviewer type person so bare with me on this! 
I just loved this book! Just as with her "Winter Garden" and "Night Road" - I read every single word of this book. I tend to have issues with books that babble on about something useless and I'll skip over parts here and there. Not with this book. I read it in about a week, and shed more than one tear over the story. It shines a light onto PTSD and goes along with my beliefs as well - that we need to more to help our soldiers who are battling PTSD after returning home from defending our country. 

I haven't decided what book I'm going to start next - any suggestions? Have you read Home front? Let me know what you think!

*this was a book review all my own, kristin hannah nor anyone else/any company associated with his book are aware that I did this review and I was not paid for this, it's all 100% just my personal opinion. for realz yo'. 

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