Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Completed Projects

I've been sewing alot more lately...I had started BigMans quilt a LONG time ago...I redesigned it recently and just finished the top yesterday. 

I used [in colour order]'s giant block tutorial again - it was wonderfully easy and it's huge! It goes from BigMans nose down to his toes (apparently the rest of us aren't allowed to use it!). I'll post a picture of the backing once I get it ripped apart and stitched back together. 

I also sewed LittleMan a super hero cape. 
maybe it's a secret agent cape - he's "secret agent kitty" 

I made it out of single fitted sheet for a bed that we no longer have. I pulled out the elastic and used the old seam as the bottom hem. I sewed a paw print made out of 4 circles for his logo (yes, it's crooked. whoops).
But LittleMan loves it - he wore it to the post office yesterday and received some encouragement from some drivers and some thumbs-up! 

We're working on getting the backyard set up, and have some furniture to refinish so keep an eye out for those pictures. 

Also - notice the sunshine and greenery in the backyard? That means it's time for summer! I have a salad dressing recipe I'll  be posting in the next few days :) 

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