Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grandmas Quilt

I made my mother in law a quilt for mothers day and popped it into the mail today. 
I used in color order's tutorial for making one quilt block design into a large one block quilt top. 

(don't mind the black line down the back - that's the cats leash!) 

the top I used with march's shipment of bargain busters fabric from sew sisters quilt shop, and the backing I got in a large bag of fabric I bought from a lady for $10 - so the backing really cost me about 50 cents - incredible deal! 

I just love this quilt and hope she loves it as well. I'm finishing up my husbands quilt this week using the same tutorial but using the star design - keep an eye out for that post :)

Did you sew anything for mothers day? 

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