Monday, April 23, 2012

Finished: Camping Blanket

I recently finished sewing a camping blanket - inspired by the Purl Bee [here]

the beauty of it is that it's so simple! and I don't need to worry if it gets dirty or well worn while camping!
The two pieces of fabric I found in the clearance bin at fabricville for $1 EACH! they cover almost the whole top of my queen size bed so it's nice and large. I did a simple zig zag stitch randomly throughout the blanket to hold everything in place. 

it's super easy, and super cozy!

also, check out clickin moms [glimpse] project - I'm going to try and tackle following along with this, but keep my pictures private. Just wanted to pass along with photo a day challenge! I'm in love with instagram - so this should be a breeze! I'd love to print them at the end of each week and put them out in one of those ceramic baskets seen [here], but alas - I live in small town canada and I refuse to pay the outrageous shipping charges from the states to here, so I'm on a mission to find something equally cute but local to store them in! 

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