Thursday, December 23, 2010

the Colors of my Kitchen

I was looking around the other day and noticed something.
I have completley and unintentionally developed a colourful kitchen.
take a look!

I love these bowls! I just recently got them, but look forward to
using them for some food photography in the future.

I think I actually have the Bell Pepper Yellow, but this is by far the best tool in my kitchen.
I'd be lost without it!

we picked these up while on vacation in qubec at Ikea for little man. we also got the matching bowls, plates and cups!

PC green cutting board.
it's a bit brighter green than this one, and more square but it gives you the general idea of it.
I picked it up at superstore at the end of the summer, and I dont' think it's available anymore sadly.

and to top it off, my walls are a nice shade of blue "bentley blue" I believe it was called.
I've grown to love my kitchen, it's my favourite room in the house, and I finally feel like it's complete!

What's your favourite part of your kitchen?

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