Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back from some R&R

last post published may 19th.
that's over a MONTH ago!
I needed a bit of a creative break, I had been overloading myself with 
wanting to do too many things at once.
I've started doing some things again, but I'm taking a different approach.
I'm making it fun! I know - crazy thought, right?
It doesn't need to be fancy expensive fabric - as long as it's a quilt made with love.
It doesn't need to be fancy ever-lasting crafts - as long as little man had fun making it.
and I recently found out that I've been laid off - four of our offices are closing. the real kick in the teeth? they announced that they've just hired another 1,000 new employees over in the Philippines. 
but that's okay - because when one door closes, another one opens. eventually. right?
So back to crafting and happier notes...
LittleMan did a painting for BigMan for fathers day...
LittleMan is really into painting and colouring, etc so I'm going to work on this more over the summer with him. I've been worried lately about him being overly hyper and having some behaviour issues. Right now we are working on a sugar reduced diet and it seems to be helping. Having lots of calm talks before we go into soccer and swimming practice are helping as well!

I also made my first wonky star block!
(dont look too close at the left hand column...hehe)
I sat down and did it in a few minutes, and I was relieved afterwards. and proud that I had done a new block without being stressed out about making it into a big quilt. if I can tackle quilts one block at a time, without a deadline I think it will make it much easier and relaxing for me.

I'm also going to pick and choose a few things off this list 

today, LittleMan and I are going to make some {boats} and float them down at his new favourite location - the little creek, which we *just* found and it's only about an 8 minute walk from our house :) Look for that past...whenever I can get it up - it's the summer of no time lines and no stress!

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