Monday, January 31, 2011

progress and WendyWendy

yes, I did type that right! our cats name is Wendy, but she
often gets called WendyWendy.

She was playing with LittleMan the other day, and gave
him a pretty good scratch across the forehead.
I panicked.
He cried. (and I mean CRIED. and HARD.)
I thought she had gotten his eye! (but she didn't)
that was pretty much the last straw, so we promptly took her
up to the spca and got Soft Paws put on her.

they work wonders! I wish we would've gotten them sooner!
They get glued on, and after about 6 weeks, we take her back
up and they'll put some more on her again.

isn't she puuurty?
she'll be getting pink soft paws next time!
click {here} for more info on soft paws. and check with your local spca!

I've been working on BigMans quilt lately.
 I've decided what my other two embroidery blocks will be,
and I have a general idea of the how the layout is going to go.
Here's how the dissapering 9 patch blocks are turning out so far:

they aren't attached to each other, i just wanted to fit them all in the frame!
I still need to pick up a few more red FQ's, but so far I'm pretty happy with them!
There's nothing better than freshly ironed quilting fabric :)

Oh, and here's the poppy block, all finished!
I haven't been able to any other sewing other than quilting done,
but I'm going to try and get a tutorial up for a project I'm itching to get done!

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