Friday, February 4, 2011

Backyard Ice Rinks

recently, over the holidays we got to visit my uncles outdoor ice rink.
here's a peek at it....
(is it obvious we're canadian?)

so last year, BigMan decided he had wanted to try and make one himself.
it didn't really turn out, so we just threw some snow over it and forgot about it.
This year, he's trying again...

this time, he bought a kit at canadian tire and it seems to be working out much better!
here it is after we filled it with water from the hose for a few hours, and then left it to freeze overnight...
Hopefully, LittleMan will be able to get out there soon and practice more skating!

The kit he purchased was called "QuikRink" and can be found at Canadian Tire.
I think he said he got it on sale for $29.99 and it's about 10'X20'

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