Tuesday, February 22, 2011


LittleMan has been sick for awhile, so not many photo opportunites have come up.
We've been staying home lots, but his cough is breaking up finally so
hopefully we'll got some more action around here.
what's that on the weather report? we're going to get a little bit warmer?
I'll take warmer weather! even if it is slowly!

In the mean time, I wanted to share this neat photo program with you!
what's even better? it's FREE!
Here's the effect you'll get with it:

Yes - they are polaroid reproductions!
I love this program. did I mention it's free?
It produces high quality photos that you can print (at 400 dpi, excellent)
With the program you get a little polaroid camera on your desktop while the program is open,
choose a photo and drag it over on top of the camera. it'll start to "process" the photo,
and it'll slide out onto your desktop, it'll "process" some more and will make a little chime once it's done.
Right click on the photo once it's done and you'll get the option "show me the file into the desktop"
click on that menu option, and it'll save it for you (mine went into my photos folder).

The programs made by poladroid, you can find it {here}
and it's available for mac or pc!

*I have no affiliation with poladroid, whatsoever. Just thought it was a neat program to share :)

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  1. super cool! one more thing to add to my list of things to try!