Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Mans Quilt: Leaf Block

last week I got another block embroidered for bigmans quilt.
now I just have one more to do, that I'll tackle next week - Canadian Dog Tags.
I also took my fabric with me last night and got it all cut up to try and get some more blocks done this weekend. It looks like I might actually get it done by my deadline!

BigMan does not like going to the fabric store with me. I mean does not like it.
And I love moda fabric precuts but FabricVille doesn't seem to carry them, and I'm always iffy about buying them online as most of the stores are in the states and you have to pay all those extra fees that I still don't understand. anywho, in my research I've found some canadian qult stores that offer free shipping in canada! some have $5 flat rate shipping in canada as well.
and they carry moda fabrics! It was like the clouds opened up and the sun shone down!

check em out ;)

*p.s. these quit shops dont know me and Im not being paid to tell you about them.
I just wanted to share my excitment with you!

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  1. Hi! I was just reading a bit of your blog (I came over from the All Things Vintage Sheets blog) and I wanted to reassure you about buying online from the states! I'm in Canada too (Ontario) and buy fabric online from the US all the time. I've not had to pay duty yet and most of my orders are usually between $75 and $125 dollars.
    I find it's actually much cheaper to buy online from the states. Even with shipping it usually averages out to less than $10 a yard for fabrics that I would have to pay $16-18 dollars a yard here! Most stores can fit 9 yards of fabric in a package for about $11 dollars for shipping, so that's the best deal.
    Sorry about the long comment! :) Hope it was a little helpful :)