Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photo Fun App's

Stephen and Chris did an episode this week that featured some neat photo ideas.
Now, I'm not so sure that they are broadcast in the states, so I thought I'd share the ideas with some of you that either A) don't have the option to watch there show, B) missed the episode or C) have never even heard of them. 
Take a photo of a person, using just the head from the photo you attach it to another body (money, guy a suit) and make them do silly dances! You can also share it on facebook and twitter!
(disclaimer: i dont' actually know who's photo this is, i just pulled it off google images - so it was already on the web, im just using this as an example for the program)

 similar to poladroid, but as an app for your iPhone!


Description from the site:
"The Hipstamatic for iPhone is an application that brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras from the past"
uses your computers web cam to take photo booth style photos! also available as an app for your iPhone

 photo disclaimer: same as above, these photos were already on google images, just using for demonstration purposes!
What photo app's do you use? let me know if you try these out and what you think!

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