Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Sunny Days, sweeping the blog away..."

the weather has been SO nice here lately.
BigMan and I got a little sunburnt. LittleMan looks like he's starting to tan on his arms.
The fence is up, the plants have been out. 
The dog's are tired from chasing the kids around the yard. 
and the cat? she's to scared to go outside, so she spends the day sitting on the window sills watching birds.

I've joined the "Quilting Is Murder" mystery club.
it's all paper piecing, which I've never done before.
and you get one week to find all the clues, and complete the block.
I'm gonna try. I'm gonna try.
I've got a couple other crafty ideas up my sleeve, I will share them once I've got them done!
and I've been photoshopping lately - but 99.9% are of the kids. They turned out great!
Hopefully more blogging will be done even though the weather is superb! but I'm sure you can understand!

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