Monday, November 7, 2011

Bargain Fabric

In between packing to move to a new location (hello bigger yard!), working two jobs (part time retail - and I run my own photography business), plus being a mama and a wife and my own self - I got in some time to raid Fabricvilles bargain bin: $1 for any piece of fabric, at whatever size it is! I whipped up a dinosaur pillowcase for my son with the bargain fabric and an old basket liner that had broken. 

LittleMan is now asking me over and over to make him a dinosaur blanket! I plan on making him a plaid one that goes with the dinosaur theme done by pottery barn once we get into our new house. and the best part? I still have some dinosaur fabric left over to make into something else for him :) 

Have you checked out your fabric stores bargain bin? What did you purchase and make?

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