Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Last year I got a box of Christmas ornaments from my Mother In Law. 
I finally pulled them out and started painting them, Im hoping to finish them this week! 
The detail in them is pretty small, so it's not something I think would be great to do with kids. The paint dries fairly quick, and the ornaments seem to be well made - although I do recommend a different paint brush, a fine detail one of better quality to get in all the little spots. 

here' what the box looks like:
 here's the paints that come with it:

I'm not sure where you buy it from - but if you stumble across it, I would suggest you pick it up!!
I have a post to put up tomorrow about my grinch quilt - super excited about it! It's the first snow today, I'm for sure into the winter spirit now! Time for some peppermint hot chocolate!

{Wendy Wendy, lounging in the sun}

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